Amazon’s new Kindle 2 reader is a great option for many people. This revolutionary wireless reading device offers you an entire library in the palm of your hand, hosting far more books than the previous generation of readers and allowing you to carry them anywhere. This reader also gives you great new options like reading the text aloud and reading all kinds of file formats. Let’s look at some of the reasons it’s a great idea to choose a Kindle 2.

The Kindle is great if you travel. Anyone who loves to read will appreciate being able to have reading material available at all times. It takes up far less space than traditional books, and it’s more durable, too. You can put almost anything you want on it, even converting files from text, document and PDF formats for just ten cents.

This next generation of wireless reading device is a big improvement over the original, too. It offers faster downloads, more memory, and a longer lasting battery. Thin and lightweight, the Kindle is incredibly portable and convenient to carry.

You can find almost any book on the Kindle store, making it possible to read pretty much any book at any time. Ebooks are becoming more and more popular with publishers, so you’ll always have plenty of great options for reading material. It really does let you carry a while library. In addition, ebooks cost a lot less than hardcover or even most paperback books.

The new kindle makes bookmarking and notetaking much simpler, and you can write in the margins of ebooks without worrying about damaging them. A regular paper book can’t offer that.

Want a dictionary? Check out the online version that gives you the ability to find what a word means just by selecting it. Illustrations are available in 16 shades of gray, an improvement over the older 4 shade version. It’s still not full color, but it’s a real improvement for viewing, even illustrations that were originally in color.

If you love reading but want something a little easier and more portable, you owe it to yourself to check out the Amazon Kindle 2. It’s an amazing piece of wireless reading device technology that just made reading a whole lot easier.


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