If your computer came with Vista installed and then you downgraded to XP you may jusst run into having issues finding the right drivers for your computer.  I run into this all the time with clients.  Gateway is one such company that does not even provide links to drivers for XP if the system came pre-installed with Vista.

The first place for you to look for drivers is on the manufactuers website.  If you have an HP or Dell chances are they will have the HP drivers listed for your computer.  If not then your not out of luck yet.

When I am out in the field I simply install Driver Detective and with in a few mintue I can update all the drivers in the system.  The price is right and it saves you a ton of leg work.

However you will still need to install the NIC driver so you have access to the internet to use the software.  The best solution is to install a wireless card real quick and then install Driver Detective and find the rest of your drivers.  I know for those that don’t have a hundred tech parts at your fingers tips this easy option may not work for you.

If that is the case then it is time to roll up your sleves and start searching google.  Type  “model number XP Driver” in your favorite search engine.  Chances are you will be able to locate and find several of your drivers.  Pay close attantion to model number of system boards.  If you know who made your system board then that manufactuers site is sure to have the driver even if the make of your computer does not.  Still Driver Detective is the easier route so if you are already leaning that way then focus on doing searches around your nic card or wireless card for your model.  In fact if your system has a wireless card installed then take a screw driver and open the wirless door on the notebook or crack the desktop computer lid and write down the model for the wireless card.  You will then be able to go to the maker (Most likely Intell on Notebooks) and download the driver.  From there conect to the internet and use Driver Detective to do a search.  even if you do not end up purchasing the product you can at least identify the rest of your hardware so you can locate the correct drivers.

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