The most common type of web hosting today is shared web hosting.You have to share your server space, which includes bandwidth, CPU time, applications and OS with other clients of the shared web hosting company.

Server management, including assurance of uptime and upgrading of hardware, is managed by the web host. As a client, you will not have control over the server, but can control your website using a control panel.

The costs of these shared cheap web hosting companies depend on the number of clients the server services.It is with the help of their server that these shared web hosting companies try to maximise their server profits.

Make sure that there are no scripts or software that are not allowed by the host by checking up on the terms and conditions of the web hosting company.As the resources and server are shared on a shared web host, no one user should hog up the available resources.

Server.This is to ensure that other users are not affected when a user uses the server . When websites of a server go down, there is a possibly of unwanted problems arising.

It is the fact that shared web hosting is so cheap that there are advantages for using it.So even though its performance is not perfect, its cheap hardware and software makes its imperfect performance irrelevant.With the help of the many available management tools, virtual shared web hosting clients have a better functionality level than their counterparts .

Shared web hosting is not the preferred form of web hosting for you if your website requires lots of CPU, RAM and other resources, or if your website uses special software plugins.Shared web hosting is not meant for you if your website uses more uptime.

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