There may come a time when you need send a file over the Internet that your email service just can’t handle. Sending large files is a pain, especially when your email spends quite a bit of time trying to attach it before finally tell you that it is just too big.

For business travellers this is a much greater problem as they often have to send large documents, sales proposals or complicated spreadsheets with macros.

As a local business sending large files and photos can be a problem so I spoke to my local Dorchester computer repair company who were very helpful and gave me some very sound advice.

Videos are becoming increasingly common way of distributing data as well but even though compression technology has come a long way enabling files to be smaller, a video will often exceed the ISP (internet service providers) e-mail file size limit, so often files can be lost.

When you are sending large files, you have to find a source other than your email to do so. There are many sites that will help you with this, and some are geared towards business use.

You will find sites, can be used to send just about anything. Some will save the information on their server for a period of time, allowing the recipient a few days to a week to pick up the file on their own computer. After that time period, the file then disappears.

You do have a lot of choices today for sending large files, though at one time, this was unheard of online. People are beginning to rely on the Internet more and more for personal and business communications, and the Internet is trying to keep up.

When choosing a site for sending large files, you have a lot to consider. Price is a factor, as well as the size of the files that particular site can handle. If your file is too large, there may be no one who can handle the information. You may then have to chop it up into smaller pieces and send it that way.

If sending large files for business is an ongoing and increasing problem then it may be more cost effective to try and find an alternate in house solution. The advantage of course is that on the one hand the ongoing cost could be less, but more importantly you will be sure that your data will be as secure as it can be in your own hands.

For the time being , depending whether you need a business or home user large file sending service at least now you know that there are such services available online if you find your self in need of a quick fix or an ongoing solution.

For more local IT help and advice visit the IT Support London site or try here for national computer support and computer repair help.

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