Security Tool


Security Tool is a well known fake security client that is making the rounds right now.� For detailed removal information we recommend you check out this article.� If you are in need of a pro to remove this for you then consider this company.

In plenty of cases a legit website may of been hacked, I run several sites and have had one very popular site hacked more then once.

(What is it to be pushed to download a software ? From time to time, hackers will enter into websites (legit, good ones !) and modify them to put their own malwares to be downloaded via a mechanism called ‘drive by download’. It means the next time an user will browse that website, the site will push to download the rouge program unto the user’s system ! Plenty of folks out there do not use security clients or are usign a free based client that does not provide enough protection !)

Of course, as you can guess, this program is not going to do what it claimed it will and the online scan you thought were scanning your system…was a fake one ! If you are already infected then a good source for information in general on computer viruses is this site.� They have many helpful guides to help you remove just about any computer virus.

Upon re-booting your system, you will notice something is scanning your computer.

You should not be shocked to see the following messages:

“SecurityTool Warning

Spyware.IEMonster activity detected. This is spyware that attempts to steal passwords from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook and other programs. Click here to remove it immediately with SecurityTool”

What did you read read ? Where is Security Tool coming from ???

Security Tool is another malware ! It comes from the same family as Total security 2009 and System Security. All of them are designed to hurt your computer badly and beyond that, to steal your money ! (They want you to make an online purchase with your credit card ! You don’t need to do it and you should NOT do it !). All those softwares are also called rouge programs.

Chances are the step you did a while back is what got you infected in the first place. It then installed itself into your computer.

Think that this new (and fake !) video code could be responsible for the infection.

Once installed, it will change your System Registry so on each reboot, Security Tool will automatically run. This nasty program is resident in the background.

You will then get what seems a system scan (it is a fake one !) you will also see plenty of warning messages telling you that your infected !

That is not all it does ! You will get pop-ups warning you of infections and the following will happen to your system:

Security Tool will disable your Task Manager, it will modify your Browser Setting, it will deny you to update your security program, it will deny you to access online security-related programs or websites ! Why ? Security Tool was designed to protect itself NOT to be easily cleaned !

You will quickly find you neither your System Restore� is working ! You will notice your computer performance decreased too !

The very bad commercial advertisement telling you to buy the full version of Security Tool (with your credit card !) will eventually appear ! Don’t but into this faek product ! Security Tool is a malware !

Always remember all those reports about infections are bogus. This product is not real and just looking to scam you out of your money.

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