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I've been using a home network for almost a dozen years and I still need help with setting up all the pieces on a new network.  I recently had to setup a new home wireless network at my girlfriend’s apartment and I downloaded Network Magic because I had heard good things about it and how easy it makes setting up your home network.Find out how you can configure your own network with a nifty program like Network Magic Essentials. 

Network Magic is put out by Pure Networks, who is now owned by Cisco, the world’s leader in networking, so you know it has a strong reputation.  Network Magic makes managing a network relatively easy.Once you install the program, it will show you a diagram of the network and show you what is working.If your network is not working, it will show you what part is not configured correctly and how to repair the problem.  If you forget to turn on SSID broadcasting to find your network, it will show you how to turn it on.

If you need to setup shared printing with your home network, you can follow the instructions Network Magic gives you and start printing wirelessly.  The same goes for file sharing such as music and photos.  Network Magic also helps you secure your network so you can prevent hackers from seeing your network or hacking into your network. 

Now all this is fun and good but how much does this software cost me?  Network Magic Essentials will set you back $29.99 which is a small price to pay to end the frustrations you can sometimes have when setting up a home network.  But in tight times like these, I like to get products free if possible. 

Download Network Magic Essentials Free

Here's how to get a free copy of Network Magic.  Watch this video on YouTube that says download Network Magic Free and it will show you how to get your free copy of Network Magic so you can setup your home wireless network with the world’s leader in networking – Cisco, and start enjoying the freedom a wireless network provides.

So with this software, I was able to setup a new home network in my girlfriend's apartment and now she can connect and email me all the time.

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