“Why the heck does my Xbox 360 keeps freezing up?!” Is this the biggest frustrations you ever had since you started playing console games? I can bet more than 50% of Xbox 360 users are experiencing this Xbox 360 freezing up problem, so if your Xbox 360 keeps freezing up, you actually have a few options to stop xbox 360 from freezing up that you can do all by yourself.

During the whole troubleshooting process, there is one main reason my xbox 360 keeps freezing up – Overheating!

We all understand that Xbox 360 is a simplified version of a high end gaming PC. When you play games with especially high requirements it gets busy on the inside and guess what – it freezes!

One thing that I’ve done to solve my Xbox 360 from freezing up so often is to let it “breathe” better. Well, you can do this by simply taking out your Xbox 360 from the closed cabinet, or put it some where near the window to cool the system better.

Besides that, the another reason I’ve suspected on why my Xbox 360 keeps freezing up is the internal hardware that is malfunctioning. You’ll see it when this happens because your Xbox 360 will first freeze up and show you the 3 flashing red lights.

For this, you are left with 2 options, you can either send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft and then pay a $140 fees plus 6 months waiting time, or you can solve the Xbox 360 freezing up problem yourself immediately. However, the components of Xbox 360 are not as simple as you might thought it is, a simple error could damage the whole system.

Xbox 360 keeps freezing up no matter what you’ve done?

Learning from a step-by-step Xbox360 repair guide is the best way you can do to save your time and cost to fix your Xbox 360 from freezing up. There are certain guides out there that shows you how to dismantle your Xbox 360 and repairing it, but most of them don’t include clear videos on the actual process.

A high-definition Xbox 360 video repair guide is exactly what you’ll need to start working on it, all by yourself without any fancy tools, all you need are simple household tool kits.

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