Two series of HP notebooks have so far seen the light of production, each serving for a different purpose: one for office use and the other for business needs. The HP Mini 1000 series keeps its reputation of the greatest companion for someone who needs to have his/her computer all over the place. It is ultra portable and light and it helps you stay connected with people even in the places where you initially thought you would never be able to use a laptop or computer of some form. It is great in the use of the Internet, for access and communication via webcam and microphone; the system includes a Bluetooth, eight gigabytes of memory on a separate free drive and one gigabyte memory in the structure. The only complaint so far registered was the lower quality of the resolution.

hp notebooks

However, in terms of proficiency, users have more than recommended these models. It is very easy to rely on HP notebooks when transferring information, data, using either the 2 USB ports or the Bluetooth, it is also very easy to access and surf the Internet using the keyboard that is almost full size. In addition, all the models in this series look very sleek and stylish and weigh a little more than a kilogram or 2 pounds, plus they make quite a good choice for anyone who needs good quality entertainment available at home.

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The HP notebooks business series, the Elite 6930p have a higher a superior productivity rate, and therefore, weigh twice as much as the home use design. This kind of notebook also makes a good statement by its good resistance to temperature variations as well as to vibrations, humidity, altitude and dust. As such, it takes the military test MIL-STD 810F with flying colors. The systems that these HP notebooks support are mainly versions of Windows Vista, from the downgraded Vista for professional use to Home Basic and Business 32. Moreover, these models once again come up to the expectations for those that rely on intense communication applications,   thus there are incorporated technologies like the Bluetooth one, the HP Mobile Broadband and the Wi-Fi WLAN. As far as graphics is concerned, there are two possible choices: either the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 graphics or the most recent Intel variant.

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In case HP notebooks interest you, the HP website has the perfect tools for you to compare products and choose from what they offer according to your needs. Customer reviews will also help out regarding what choice to make and they will give you a picture beforehand of what owning and using a HP mini laptop is like.

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