I have only just seen the new adverts from Microsot starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. The latest ad campaign from Microsoft is an extremely eager attempt to compete with the infamous Macguy adverts that people know and love.

I myself use a mac computer and I wouldn't use anything else. At work I use a pc and I can instantly tell the difference in usability and work flow and speed. There is no comparison in my eyes. Getting work done on a mac is considerably easier. Why? One answer is that it just works and thats that! Nothing will ever let you down on a mac, not in a million years. I have had my macbook for about one year and I have never had to call up "task manager" to close a program down, I have never had to take it into the mac store and tell them something has blown up or something has gone wrong, it has been my perfect tool in designing.

Don't get me wrong I know that windows can be useful. However, it completely depends where and when you are using a windows computer. It is a known fact that in a battle between Microsoft and Mac there is only one winner. Currently, it would have to be Microsoft. It hurts me to admit this but it is an unfortunate fact. They have the market under their thumb only because of the fact they were first on the "scene" and have been for so many years. PC's are cheap, affordable and easy to chuck into a school, home, office for a few hundred pounds, its no big deal.

A MAC requires a bit more thought and risk. People ask themselves about spending all that money on a new machine that they dnt know well, whether or not it is worth it or not. 'Will I be able to use it properly after being so use to a Microsoft pc?' This is primarily the problem with anyone surely wanting to purchase a MAC. People are intimidated by the change of software. What people don't realise is that a MAC may cost slightly more money but the benefits are un-surmountable. You buy a PC and expect it only to last for a few years literally if your lucky! I buy my MAC and expect it to last for ten years, easily! So you have to ask yourself what is more expensive? Having to continuously buy more and more PC's over the space of ten years or just having one MAC that you know will last you.

It arguable to say that a lot of Microsoft software from the past had originally been based on Macintosh programming but that is still not confirmed they are only rumours circulating various websites. Either way, this battle between a MAC and a Windows machine will always rage on for many years to come! But I would personally never buy a Windows machine ever again in my life.

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