Going high definition was high on our Christmas lists this year as sales as reputation of the Blu-Ray movies rocketed through the roof. In all honesty, I hadn’t seen what a Blu-Ray was capable of until I had looked at one my brother had purchased. When I saw the quality and clarity a Blu-Ray disc could produce I was amazed. It is absolutely magnificent. I can only say that it looks so real you feel as though you can put your arm into the screen. It is like nothing I have ever seen before.

According to figures that were released by the British Video Association (BVA), sales on the Blu-Ray disc were up 400% on the same period compared to the year before, with 1.5 million titles shifted in December alone. The lead selling Blu-Ray disc was ‘Dark Knight’ starring the late Heath Ledger and Cristian Bale. Everyone knows that to introduce a new video player of any sort is no easy task to commercialise, getting everyone to own one of the Blu-Ray players is the key. They have to be affordable and the benefits have to be clear. There have been a few developments in recent years after the DVD that have not caught on, one of them being the ‘HD DVD’ and the ‘Mini DVD’ which is practically un-heard of. Yet, the Blu-Ray disc is something different. It offers something that other films have never offered before and that is un-paralleled quality and detail. When you watch a Blu-Ray film for the first time it is kind of a head spin because your eyes are not use to that sort of amazing quality on a TV screen. After a short while you get use to it and when you do it is so worth it! I have seen the Dark Knight on Blu-Ray and it feels like it is a different film all together.

I am a firm believer that the Blu-Ray will catch on with the public and will be the next progression in disc technology purely because it offers something that nothing else does. If you haven’t seen anything on Blu-Ray then please get yourself down to the nearest video shop and treat yourself. As far as getting a Blu-Ray player – the PS3 is a Blu-Ray player, other than that most modern flat screen TV’s all have Blu-Ray players in them so you could always get one of those.

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