If you’re a student planning on going off to college, you’re almost certainly considering purchasing a laptop. This is a excellent idea. As a college student myself, I realize how incredibly useful having a notebook computer rather than a desktop can be. With a laptop, you’re not tethered to any one location for doing your work. You can be in the library, at a friends house, or in lab, and have all your work with you!

In my opinion, a notebook compter is the most important accessory any college student can own. Your laptop will become a much valued accessory during your college years. However, you need to make sure that you get the right laptop for your needs, and thats where this article intends to help. Below are five tips to help you select the right laptop for college, quickly and easily.

1. Know Your Price Range

This is critical. Since you’re about to spend a ton of money on tuition, you don’t exactly have a lot of extra cash to blow on a laptop. Fortunately, you can get very usable laptops for very low prices these days, making them more accessible than ever. You may even find that you can buy cheap used laptops to save even more money.

2. Get the Right Size

Size matters. Getting the wrong size of laptop will lead to frustration. To large, and you won’t be able to carry it around easily. Too small, and you won’t be able to get anything done with such a small screen and keyboard. Be sure to try out different sizes to see which ones work well for you.

3. Watch Out For Battery Life

Battery life is a very important factor for the student user. Since you will probably use the laptop on battery much of the time, be sure that you choose a battery that will last long enough. Be sure to check into extended life battery packs that will greatly enhance your battery life at the cost of a little extra weight.

4. Mac vs. PC

This is a huge debate. Don’t buy a Apple laptop just because you think they are cool, be sure that they are in line with your needs. Certain popular software packages do not run on Macs, so if you need these for your course work, be sure to look elsewhere. However, if the easy of ownership that a Mac provides appeals to you, then go ahead and buy. This article was written on a Mac.

5. Be Sure To Get The Software!

Don’t forget to get the software you need! Things like Microsoft Office are pretty essential for every student, so don’t forget to include these in your budget.

So, I hope this helps you see how you can select the right laptop for college. It’s not rocket science (though that could be what you are studying!), but keeping these simple things in mind can be really beneficial. Thanks for reading.

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