My first time with a computer was in eighth grade, but we really didnít do much with them. We made greeting cards which were printed out on printers that have fallen by the wayside a long time ago. When computers became more advanced, nothing that I learned in the way of computer basics applied. Iím not even sure the Windows operating system was in use then. I learned all over again when I went to college, and thankfully, things had gotten much easier to learn since the setup I used in middle school.

Learning the basics of computers is so much easier than it ever was, and it gets easier every few years. I know this because my daughter learned to use the basic functions of one by age three. Perhaps it was just exposure, because I use one for my work, but I think it is just because the computer basics you had to know long ago are no longer valid. The machine does all of that stuff on its own. You can click on things to open programs instead of memorizing and typing in commands. Personal computers are so much more user friendly than ever before.

Opening programs and learning to use the mouse are some of the first computer basics that people learn. They must know what each one does, and mostly the functions of save and open. Those are pretty common early uses and very easy to master. When opening the Internet, computer basics would be about connecting (if necessary), finding web sites, and how to use email. Other computer basics in regards to Internet might include how to keep your computer safe from viruses and spyware. Finding and buying the right programs for these things are essential, because many basic blunders are caught with these.

You can find programs that help with computer basics are well. Some are so good that people are working things on their own, quite well, within a matter of weeks. Once the basics of running a computer are learned, the rest can be a matter of trial and error. If you are learning on your own, making mistakes and learning as you go can be very effective. It can be scary to run a computer at first, but as long as you remember that most mistakes are easily fixed, and that, for the most part, computers rarely blow up if you push the wrong button, things should go well.

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