It is not easy to give an answer when someone asks “How does wireless internet work?” Though the precursor to WiFi was invented in 1991, many people still have difficulty understanding the concept.  It seems that wireless internet is easier to use than to explain.  The technology was originally only of interest for those within the computer industry, but has spread to be used by a variety of consumer electronics as well as computers.  There are many internet options available for home users, with far greater speeds than ever before.

It can be pricey to get a high speed connection for your home.  Broadband, cable, and dial up connections all have costs associated with them.There is an increasing demand for free wireless internet connections, but it is key to learn how the connection works.  Is it really free?  How does wireless internet work?

Wireless internet is easy enough for anyone to understand if they take the time to examine the technology.  Wireless internet is frequently known as WiFi, which stands for Wireless Fidelity.The concept is similar to the way in which a radio works.  Antennas are placed strategically and broadcast an electromagnetic wave, which is constantly broadcast to a specific area.As the signal is constantly present, users can log into it whenever they need to.  You can use your computer or handheld device to connect to the wave and access the internet from your present location.  Knowing how does wireless internet work, let’s see how it is present in your daily life.

Wireless Internet in Your Daily Life

If you want to access a wireless internet connection from your home, you will need a computer that is equipped with a receiver.  Beginning in 2006, almost all laptops and computers now come with a wireless card as standard equipment, as do many cell phones and handheld devices.  However, if you have an older device or one without a built in card, you can still purchase one to use.  Keep in mind that as technology progresses it will become more difficult to acquire one of these devices.  To legally use a wireless internet connection at home you will have to subscribe to a service provider.  As the demand rises and more people take this option, the prices have been reducing.

How Does Wireless Internet Work While Traveling?

Many libraries, cafes, and even fast food restaurants now offer wireless hotspots.  Some are free, some can be used with a purchase, and some have a small cost.  In most of these places, you should be able to turn on your devices and connect easily.  However, connections can become interrupted or overloaded.  There are also things that can interfere with a signal, just as with our radio example.

Wireless Internet While Abroad

Check ahead if you are going to be traveling abroad and you may be able to find wireless internet connections.However, if you're travelling to a remote destination there may be no way to access the internet.  Despite the sales pitch, your internet connection may not be available in every location.

Once you understand the answer to “how does wireless internet work” you can begin to think about “Will this technology be right for me?”

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