Gadgets are incredible. They make our lives so much easier and allow us to get through our lives that little bit easier. They are indeed just about everywhere in our lives, and we take them wherever we go. To the shops, on holiday and certainly they feature heavily at work. The portability of things such as laptop computers and mobile phones enable us to be connected to people, just about anywhere we go.

So what gadgets feature most in people’s lives? I would argue the most common gadget that we rely heavily upon nowadays is the mobile phone. In fact so many people have said they actually feel naked without it. We depend upon mobile phones for a number of different things and the price of them has dropped considerably over the last few years with pay as you go phones almost being given away by retailers.

If the mobile is the most frequently used gadget, what do we actually use them to do? Well this question would take months to answer; however, one of the most important features of the mobile phone is that they provide a safety blanket by allowing us an open line of communication between us and our family and if we got into trouble, a phone call should always help.

The trusty mobile phone has actually saved people in difficult situations. I have read stories about people getting lost in snowstorms contacting their families. They have then contacted local mountain rescue teams and help has been initiated. Without the phone, it is difficult to work out how such people would have survived, as their lives had been saved.

As I previously discussed the mobile is a central feature of the business community. In fact they are so integrated into the business world that I often ponder, how business coped before they were around. From police officers who use it to report in accident, to lorry drivers who need them to call their base, mobiles are a gadget that is featured throughout the business sector.

Mobiles, as a gadget can also offers some restrictions to some people. In the past employees were able to utilise the weekend to unwind and have few interruptions afforded them. This subsequently allowed people to relax, and get ready for the next working week.

As employees have their phones with them at the weekend, it is subsequently difficult to get away from the pressures of work as people are easily contacted on the phone. Whilst the weekend used to be a time of enjoyment, the trusty gadget ringing can be quite a pain, particularly if it is work related.

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