Having your own pre-paid cellphone is what you really need to have but sometimes, you can almost hear your teeth grinding when you found out that you made a call which lasted 30 seconds and you pay for the whole minute. This is not what you’re thinking, correct? If you have used an air time of 10 seconds, then, you have to pay for 10 seconds. But wait, there is only one kind of cell phone that will let you pay just for what you have used up and it’s called Net 10 prepaid phones and so far, this is the best brand of cell phone today. Many have already used Net 10 and they are quite satisfied with the features that are being offered.

Using Net 10 phones is quite convenient that any other units. When you want to buy more airtime, all you need to do is get to its site and there, you can choose what you want. You can activate your your ringer on its website. With Net 10 Phones, you are charged 10 cents a minute and for your text messaging, it will only cost you 5 cents per message. Another juicy part of this phone is that while you’re using it, you can actually see the actual total air time consumed and the total actual air time left so you don’t have to worry again whether you have sufficient airtime or not.

Net 10 also offers Net 10 Wireless for people on the go. Now, you don’t have to miss another phone call or trying everything to get in contact with somebody else. Net 10 Wireless has the largerst area of coverage so far today and wherever you are, you can always avail Net 10 services without any worries of low or zero signal. So, whether you are a businessman, a student or a professional, it helps to get in contact with somebody with totally no interferences and no worries and Net 10 phones can offer this kind of service.

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