PC Tools Internet Security is an interesting product. In spite of its older brother Spyware Doctor’s status, the truth is it is a seldom sought after product. This is a surprise. PC Tools Internet Security is built from the same technology that gives us PC Tools spyware doctor and PC Tools antivirus. Plus this product has spam defense as well.

I began to wonder if it might be cost that is keeping it from wide spread adoption. After checking on pricing, .95 (as of 9/26/08) is a reasonable cost. The only bad thing I found in reviews was its lack of heuristic scanning.

Heuristic scanning: “A heuristic probe is used to discover new, unknown viruses in your systems that have not yet been identified. Only some antiviruses can do this type of probe, the majority are only able to discover known viruses.” This doesn’t seem to be the reason either.

I will chalk it up to a lack of marketing. The reason I say this is because I see heuristic probe capability incorporated in the latest release. Most importantly, I found out that most customers and potential customers are still looking for their antivirus and firewall as separate products.

Bob Metcalfe, the person attributed as the Inventor of the Internet exemplifies what choosing what is not so popular….”And I turned around to look at these 10, 12 AT&T suits, and they were all laughing. And it was in that moment that AT&T became my bte noire, because I realized in that moment that these SOBs were rooting against me. To this day, I still cringe at the mention of AT&T. That’s why my cell phone is a T-Mobile. The rest of my family uses AT&T, but I refuse .”

Granted, choosing PC Tools Internet Security will not be that dramatic but it could prove to be a good internet security application for your computer.

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