Here is the senaro and the fix for it.

Qwest is now offering the Action Tec M1000 Modem/router. This is a router even with no wireless unit installed. If you have another router you would like to use with the Qwest M1000 such as linksys or D-link you have to configure the Linksys or D-link as an acces point in order to make it work. (For the life of me I do not see why Qwest is offering a router with only one nic output)

Anyways here is what you do. The exact steps will vary depending on what type of router you have. With the Qwest Actiontec M1000 DO NOTHING. This will be our router. With the second router login.

D-link is and linksys is . You need to plug the router directly into a PC with out is being hooked to the M1000. If you are unsure what the ip is you need consult your manufacturers website. Log into the router and change the local IP for the Router itself to Now you will have to re-log into the router using this new IP. We now need to change the range of the addresses given out.Change the Starting IP Address: to Go ahead and save changes. Now you will have to disalbe the DHCP server on the the router. You are almost done. Now conect the Qwest Actiontec M1000 router to the back of the Linksys router. DO NOT plug it into the WAN port. We have set the router up as an AP so plug it into any port 1 through 4. You may need to re-boot the linksys or d-Link router but you should be good to go. This has worked several times for me and should work great for you. The first time I contacted Qwest about the issue and they kept telling me that the M1000 is not a router unless the wireless is turned on but they are on crack and totally wrong. Post your comments if this worked or if you need more help.

If your still having issues then head over to .  these guys are great at setting networks up and can get you going for a very reasonable price.

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