Samsung LN46A750 has a tremendous image quality right out of the box, but if you want the greatest image quality you should have it calibrated. There is nothing like this tv when it has been calibrated for your environment.

Samsungs TOC or Touch Of (Red) Color, I have heard a lot of things about it. For me it is hardly noticeable and gives it a pleasant look on the edges of this Samsung LN52A750.

I am truly content with this HDTV. It has plenty of connectors and serious quality. You could read the manual carefully if you have any component connecters because just 1 set on the television has that function and it says composite on the back.

There are some minor issues but it’s not something to worry about. The operating system is a bit delayed. When browsing menus it may take a while to respond but I’m picky when it comes to speed. Couple of the control buttons like the jog wheel operate better for a someone who uses it slower and presses more firmly.

The volume and channel buttons squeak a bit but not in an bad way. The other downside of the remote is it is not universal. I’m surprised a TV in this price range doesn’t come with one.

The image quality of HD stuff are beautiful with right and properly vivid colors. Not too saturated and too processed like Sony televisons. There are times when the upscaling of lower quality signals leaves something to be wanted. Sometimes when a person’s face can seem a bit granulated or boxy. This can be easily resolved by using a High Definition source. With HD sources this TV is absolutely stunning.

Combine it with Blu ray player or some other High Definition source and you will be in heaven. I really love it. Only keep in mind that this TV, like other high contrast sets, uses a semi shiny screen which can shine so be take care of your light sources in the area. It shines something like a regular flat screen tube TV with standard glass, but probably a bit less.

In The End the audio is decent. I have never been a fan of the built in audio on any TV but for those who don’t care that much about it the sound is simply fine. One thing I have discovered though is that the TV processes video quicker than my own amplifier processes sound. Sometimes the TV can go ahead of my surround sound system and the words don’t align. This is easily fixed by pausing the picture and starting it back. It happens rarely and usually only when I start or when I’m fast forwarding a image.

Decision is that this is a outstanding tv sets, and probably the best television at this price point, money well spent and should satisfy absolutely everyone.

With Samsung’s products you can’t never go wrong. And also you for sure can’t make a mistake in picking this unique Samsung LN52A750. We trust that we helped someone to make the right decision. I can promise to you that I can ensure you that you will love this Television, exactly as much as I do.

We beyond any doubt recommend you Samsung LN52A750 but if Samsung LN52A750 it’s a bit too pricey check for Samsung LN52A650.

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