Security Tool is a rogue antivirus software application that displays false security alerts and notifications in order to trick PC users into believing that their computers are compromised and that there are critical problems that can only be solved by purchasing a paid license of the product. Make no mistake about it, Security Tool is nothing but a scam to steal your cash and that is one reason that you should remove this virus as soon as you find out you are infected. check out this Security Tool Removal site.  It provide some great details on this threat.

In most cases this program enters the computer from social media links and fake video codecs, it can be near imposible to find out exactly how the user got infected. Even Security Tool will display all kinds of notifications and pop-up messages related to critical security warnings, it is quite safe to completely ignore them and concentrate on the proper steps to conduct a complete Security Tool removal.

Once installed on a PC, Security Tool will try to secure its presence by blocking access to major legitimate security websites. Its objective is to isolate the infected computer from accessing legitimate online anti-malware scanners and information websites, increasing the chances of the end-user to actually pay money for solving the problems that are falsely reported and artificially created by Security Tool. For some more exact details on removing this you should check out the guide entitled delete security tool

Users will also notice this threat takes over the Windows Security Center and makes it look like Microsoft is recommending that the user purchase this bogus program. There are many false warnings that users see and one of them is “Spyware.IEMonster activity detected”. However, it is not recommended to use any of the features that Security Tool has since it can lead to further operating system damage and loss of privacy.

In order to even start removing the infected files you will need to stop the currently running Security Tool process, the problem here is the file always changes.exe”. what makes this threat so hard to remove is the file name changes with every new infection so it can be very hard to tell what the correct process is that needs to be stoped. Once you are able to finally stop the main executable program from running you now have to dig into the registry and remove the settings that are making this program autostart. Once this step is done you just need to re-boot and run a full scan using your favorite security client.

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