I bought this TV in January 2009 and have found it to be an an absolutely great purchase.

Some people said that the tv set has issues while the black shades are dynamic. I’ve checked for this in the store for couple of minutes and have used it for a one month and I haven’t seen any sign of that issue. This is a extremely sharp TV with excellent colors and deep black tones. This tv Set is much better than the previous TV model from the same W series.

Here are the the reasons why you should buy this HDTV. It has a extremely perfect image in high definition and does a extremely nice job in SD transmission a lot better than any other tv sets I have seen. For that it’s respossible a nice technology from Sony called DSP which is basically noise reduction technology. Sony of course knows Blu-ray because afterall they manufactured it, they are familiar what skin tones should appear I mean they own a movie studio, the menus are very comfortable to use, it has its own TV guide and it has can be upgraded.

Picture quality is pretty close to Samsung in digital broadcast. I looked at both televisions side by side. Samsung is a bit better on sharpnes in standard definition. Samsung is more shiny, Sony is a matte cover but darks on Samsung are solid because it has a glossy screen. When watching a Blu-ray disc,Sony has a bit more details. No fade from bright to dark issues on Sony as some reviews has mentioned. Colors are nice and rich as Sony Bravia two engine is outstanding, maybe even better than XBR engine.I have found that the Z series may be better but there aren’t 52 inche models

Tv menus on Samsungs are created for experts with a lots of tweeks, but really it’s confusing for average Joe. If you don’t believe me, download the user manual for the Samsung LN52A650 and for Sony KDL524100 and check the difference. If you are technical individual, then buy Samsung. If you don’t want to mess around, but you want an premium picture, go with the Sony. Ths Sony TV is really easy to use, but also it it will find you channels itself and is like you have built in cable box.

The Sony TV may not have the Ethernet connector and built in news like the series 6 from Samsung, but it does have the built in TV guide and option for upgrades. But, if you want internet connection in your TV, you are better off connecting an external device. The TV guide feature in this tv set is outstanding and the Sony Bravia Sync is very good especially when you use a Sony DVD converter for 1080p. Picture in Picture technology is outstanding also because you can watch picture from HDMI while viewing cable TV.

For me favorite thing on Sony KDL52W4100 is the on/off button on the top side as this is preventing children from shuting down TV. Also a great thing is the remote on the Sony as it is really easy to operate.

In the end, if you want the a super clean picture, simple to use LCD TV with characteristics that makes every day television watching fulfilling and easy.This Sony KDL52W4100 is great choice.

You can read more about Sony KDL52W4100 on our LCD TV Reviews portal. If you don’t like Sony check out this Samsung LN52A650.

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