Everyone has heard of the secret spy gadgets that are available to spy on people like multi functional watches or night vision goggles. But are people aware of other gadets that are used to detect.

Everyone knows about ways to spy on people using secret gadgets like covert cameras disguised to look like everyday house products, devices that can change your voice for talking on the phone or even mobile phones that can record all calls made by that phone, mainly used against the suspectful partner. However, there are also a huge amount of gadgets that you can use to detect surveillence devices.

There is a great deal of counter surveillence gadgets that cost anywhere between £100 and £3000. Here are just a few that you can pick up to find out if you are being spyed on:

  • Entry Level Counter Surveillance Sweep – This is one of the best entry level counter surveillance devices available to buy. It costs around £280 and can detect basically any type of transmitting devices including GPS trackers and mobile phones.
  • LaserScan – LaserScan is a great device that is used to detect all sorts of covert camera equipment, both wireless and wired. This device is so small it can be carried in your pocket and it only costs around £150. This gadget is amazing at keeping your meetings and conversations private.
  • Encryption Software – There is a wide range of software that you can buy to use with your mobile phone that will make sure that all your convertsations are completely encrypted. The price of the software varies aswell as the type of phone that you are able to use it for.

All the above gadgets are great for keeping all your conversations and meetings the way you want them, private. Also, the devices listed are resonably cheap compared to the cost of some surveillence equipment.



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