Most of us know what a transmitter does. To explain the work of a transmitter in simple words-it converts electrical energy into a signal through carriers such as wires and cables which is then received by output devices such as speakers, television, and music stereo system and so on.

With Bluetooth technology on the rise, companies have created a Bluetooth transmitter that transfers electrical energy wirelessly into output devices. BT Transmitter enables your devices in a room to connect and talk with each other.

Bluetooth Transmitter comes in built with the microchip that facilitates wireless communication between devices. This microchip can be integrated in phones, iPods and computers which are Bluetooth enabled so that you can send audio to a speaker wirelessly with the help of a Bluetooth transmitter.

Depending upon the configuration and range Bluetooth transmitters can interconnect to other devices. You can connect your BT enabled phone to a notebook type computer, stereo system to a headphone and other combinations with the help of a Bluetooth transmitter.

You can send voice or data message into the device using a bluetooth transmitter. It is done by transmitting the data or audio through a radio communication link using radiowaves that are not very powerful. The required out put is received by sending to the receiver, the demodulated waves.

If an audio signal is sent via Bluetooth, an audio decoder will convert it to a digital signal. It is then received by the output device in that signal which allows it to play the audio through the speakers.

The BT transmission is very commonly done between iPods and stereo speakers. Cell phones and computers are also used for data transmission. The mechanism of a BT transmitter would by difficult to understand by a layman but it does not matter as long as you know how to connect it and get what you want out of the device.

Lots of ipods already have BT transmitter built in them so you need require to reinstall a Bluetooth transmitter device in them to enable them to talk to your speakers.

The audio transmission from an iPod to ear phone can be achieved,if they are enabled with Bluetooth. When it is required to transfer data or audio in to a computer or stereo speakers /earphones, ipods compatibility with BT transmitter makes it easy in using the device.

The function of control buttons is required for conveniently handling the function such as adjusting volumes, changing tracks and pausing or playing in songs is made easy by these ipods. No seperate setup or installation of BT transmitter is required in your ipod if it is already equipped with it.

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