The size of special media players has got smaller to the aspect that you could today bring your  beloved films or videos in your back pocket! There is no uncertainty about it the video mp3 players has changed the media planet forever.

If you have seen for the video mp3 player, you have most likely been besieged at the possibilities. In nearly all cases, it is awkward to accomplish a side by side contrast because they are truthfully apples plus oranges. There are two dissimilar types of memory for video mp3 players, flash plus hard disk, and numerous dimensions for each. The best for portability is the flash memory as it retains no moving elements hard disk modes really contain little going hard drives inside.

Zune 16 GB Video Mp3 Player

To accomplish the requirements above as well as still own the best storage ability the Zune 16 GB video mp3 player is the excellent selection. With this element you would possess adequate storage, flash memory as well as assurance in  fine  purchaser  ratings. It doesn’t break that this player is valued lesser than further similar video mp3 players.

•    16 Gb flash memory
•    1.8 LCD monitor
•    320×240 pixel screen
•    FM radio
•    Audio book capabilities
•    Will store 4,000 songs, 25,000 pictures or 50-hours of movie.


numerous of memory for the price good  sound quality  and  simple consumer interface. More than one buyer has defected from IPod for this video mp3 player. One further  key retailing detail while evaluated to the Nano is the glass monitor over plastic.


The screen dimension  is a bit slight considering a lot of kinds are now producing with 2-3 inch screens.

Bottom Line

The Zune 16 GB video mp3 player is the best player for the charge. Customers are fine satisfied with appearance, feel as well as functionality of this series.

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