For those who experience computer crashes from a failed hard disk, it may seem that data recovery from hard drive is a far off possibility. It’s frustrating to even think about this because such an event would mean the loss of hundreds of files and documents, whether personal or work-related. The truth is, it’s really not the end of the world because there are still ways to retrieve your data; the lesser the damage to your drive, the greater the chances of recovery. Yet, there are still a few things you should never do in this given situation..

First, never try fixing the drive on your own. The sealed casing of the hard drive should remain closed because once the parts are exposed to the dust particles, the damage could worsen. Even if you are able to identify the problem and repair it yourself, the exposure to air particulates could cause another problem altogether. Keeping the hard drive sealed but attempting home remedies wouldn’t work either. For instance, freezing your hard drive wouldn’t make things any better. What you should do instead is keep your calm and consider the right steps to take.

The first thing to do during hard drive failure is to check if your drive is still recognized by your unit. If it still works physically, the crash may have been caused by a software. In some cases, it may have been caused by a virus. You can try running a virus scanner through your files. You may find some files corrupted but the drive still works. Furthermore, many drives can become unreadable as caused by file fragmentation. This problem can be alleviated by running a file de-fragmentation program.

And then of course, there is always the probability that a mechanical failure caused the failure. This is evidenced by the strange sounds emanating from your drive, or if it simply doesn’t work at all. In this case, it’s best to leave the process of data recovery from hard drive to the experts. Such recovery is only possible with the use of a clean room, suitable tools, and the skill and knowledge of an experienced computer technician. The cost could run up to a considerable amount but it should be worth every dime you spend if you are able to salvage your important files and data.

Most people have to experience the woes of a hard drive crash before they finally realize the importance of backing up data.  If you do online backup now before facing the unfortunate event of having to deal with your first hard drive nightmare, you are saving yourself from wasting a lot of time, effort and thousands of dollars. While recovering information from a hard drive which just crashed remains doable, investing on a good computer backup is a practical option to consider as it saves you from having to go through the stress of data recovery.

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