You may need to perform hard disc recovery if you have downloaded a virus or just deleted a file whether it is on purpose or by accident. There are many different options available and your computer may come with its own data recovery software. It is important to remember that there are options and you do not have to start over from scratch.

Your hard disc does not actually delete a file when you erase it. What occurs is that the space where that file was has now been labeled as free to be used again. So when you save a new file eventually your computer will write over this spot. It is only at that stage that the file will be completely deleted.

There are plenty of data recovery programs that can be obtained and used to restore your deleted data. There are even some programs that can recover data from reformatted discs. Because of the way that files are stored and disc space is re-used, it’s important to act as soon as possible to maximize the chance of getting your data back.

However opening your hard drive is an issue. Most times if you have a mechanical problem than it can cost a lot of money to recover that information. You can damage your hard drive if you open it yourself.

A professional will open the hard drive in the right environment so that the disc is not further damaged. They will then transfer the data to a stable disc. Whatever you do, don’t try this at home! It needs to be done in a completely clean atmosphere otherwise you’ll do even more harm to your data,

It is recommended that you have two different types of backups, one on your computer and another on an external source. This could be in the form of a USB stick, an external hard drive or one of the online backup services. There are plenty to choose from and it’s a cheap safety strategy.

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