It most cases free does not mean good.  Yes there are decent free antivirus clients out there but 99% of them are not worth it.  As with most free software they are simply a stripped down version of the real thing you need.  Plus they often just bombard you with constant messages asking you to upgrade to the paid version.

Well my faith in free products has just got a big boost today.  I have found and have been using for the past month a 100% free online data backup program.  This is not some crummy 3rd party app.  It works and works very well.  Get your free 2 gig data backup account here.  The program is called Mozzy and they are quickly becoming main stream.  they are starting to advertise all over now and hundreds of thousands are jumping on board and with good reason.

The free account is just that.  FREEEEEEEEE.  You are not asked to upgrade and all that hoopla every time your computer boots.  It stays quielty in the background backing up your data to an online server daily.  This is a sweet service that everyone needs to take advantage of.

You can get more then 2 gig’s of storage for around 5 bucks a month.  They offer unlimitted online storage options so for this price it is well worth it.  Now I know most of us out there have more then 2 gig’s of storage but if you have no backup solution currently in place then you need to jump on the free 2 gig account and backup your most important documents.

This software works well on all current Windows versions so you should not have any issues.  Mozy is very simple to setup and it took me about 3 minutes from start of registration all the way to program install and setup.  It is very easy and simple to use.  One of the very nice things about this is you do not need to even enter in a credit card number.  So when I say free I mean it.  If you need more then 2 gig’s and want unlimitted online storage options then the small cost for a year is well worth having all your data backed up.

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