Your thinking why would someone choose an Internet backup system. Well, there’s a whole bunch of reasons. First, you can use the Internet to backup your data instead of dedicated hardware or software. If you have Internet access, your good to go.Second, you can retreive your files from any computer connected to the Internet (well, only by you of course).  And with proper encryption and security, nobody else will know it’s even out there.

The Internet has thousands of pedabytes of disk space available, and there are several good services you can find that specialize in Internet backup.I pay right at $4.00 each month to store just under 30 gigabytes of files.Now I’m using 60% of my backup space which leaves plenty of room for my future updates at a very reasonable price.

The first step is to decide which site to use.  Most sites that offer a free trial are more expensive on a monthly basis than those that don’t.So you can do a little homework and get a better deal by discovering and joining a site with great features and no hidden expenses.In the end it’ll save you a lot of money. With all the product review sites, blogs, comparison sites, etc. it’s simple to make a quality decision.

So now, you’ve made a decision as to which provider you’ll use. Next, you need to make some judgements about what data is important and need to be backed up. The best online backup providers have software that does all the work for you. and will upload the backup files only after encrypting them for security. As you have figured out by now, the easiest to use services are also generally the best ones out there.And the best providers will run identically on the common operating systems (Windows, Linux, and OSX).

The reason is they want you to use their service and if it’s too tough you’oll find an easier one to use. Just like any Internet service, there’s plenty of competition, and providers with few featurs or provide service for Windows only, OSX only, etc. generally arn’t reliable at all and may not even be around for you in the future. So it’s important to make sure they support MacIntosh and Linux in addition to Windows.They will if their serious about their business. 

So, now you have an idea of what is involved with Internet backups, let’s go over some questions you should ask.

Do they provide free software to do the dirty work for you?

Does their software provide all features on Linux OSX, and Windows?

Can you backup many computers with a single account?

What kind of data backup is it? How often do the backups occur?

Is encryption provided by default? You must insist on AES 256bit encryption to protect your data.

You have other issues that are important to you.But these questions will help you narrow down your selection to only the best providers in short order.

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