Imagine you have spent hours writing a report or another very important piece of work that has to be submitted tomorrow.  All of a sudden, your hard disk crashes and all of the hours that you have put into crafting that vital document have just gone up in smoke.Don’t be tempted to jump on the bandwagon of those who say “it will never happen to me!” as probability will dictate that if you don’t take action, one day it inevitably will.How can you prevent such a disaster occurring?  This is precisely what data backup is all about.

Storing data is often the most important part of computer usage as it can take months or years to accumulate relevant information.As technology has become more reliable, the risk of losing information has been significantly reduced however it would be needless to lose documents due to lengths that you yourself could have taken to prevent such an occurence. 

There are several different formats of media that will allow your data to be backed up.  Commonly used devices are external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, USB drives and for more sensitive information there are companies and services which will provide you with secure online data backup.  Whenever you backup data to an external device, said device should be stored in a different location from the original computer in case a fire or local electrical surge should damage the data backup hardware.

Data backup is most useful when done constantly and within reason.For example – if you are spending a long time working on a lengthy document, you should not wait a significant amount of time before saving your work.  Consider the effort that it would take to redo the work since the last save in the case of a crash and make a judgement call as to how often you save your work.

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