Your first reaction if you’ve just accidentally deleted a file on your computer is probably to go to the recycle bin. If you deleted the file from the “right” place, there’s a good chance that your file will be sitting there and you can just right click your mouse and select “Restore”.

But what can you do if the file doesn’t show up in your recycle bin? Is the file lost permanently? Murphy’s Law says that files deleted by accident are usually ones that you haven’t got a backup of. Grrrr!

You’ll be relieved to hear that most of the time, it’s possible to retrieve a file from oblivion. Even if your recycle bin thinks otherwise. This is because the Windows filing system doesn’t delete the file but rather it flags the space occupied as something it can use again when it needs to.

The bad news is that this won’t last forever and the more “stuff” you do on your PC, the bigger the risk that Windows will overwrite some or all of the lost file, making recovery difficult or even impossible.

So you need to stop what you’re doing on your computer. That means stop everything. Including web browsing, scanning your iTunes library, whatever. The more things you do, the higher the chance that Windows will think it can re-use the space you’ve created by deleting the file.

If you can use a different PC, use it to download a program like this one to undelete files. If you haven’t got the use of a second PC then it’s possible that you’ll be OK using your only computer (the chance increases if there is a large amount of disk space left unused) but only do this as a last resort.

Once you’ve downloaded a file undelete software program, it’s just a matter of pressing “next” most of the time and there’s a very high chance your file will be recovered for you.

Get your file undelete software here now. There’s even a free trial, you can be 100% sure it will work for you.

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