Almost every other day, it seems there are stories in the media about major companies and government departments having their data stolen or compromised. In the summer of 2004, the Philadelphia offices of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline in a skyscraper suffered flood damage because burst water pipes, loosing lots of customer data. Whether it’s Mother Nature or an all-too-human mistake, the need for data protection in the form of computer backup software is clear.

What About Online Services?

One of the fastest growing online industries is in the data backup industry. There are many online services that are seemingly all of the rage. For example, in 2005, the customer demand for online backup went up 140%. You store your data on the website of the online data backup service. Fees vary according to how many gigabytes you need. These fees add up, especially for a business or for an avid music collector.

One major advantage of computer backup software like the kinds made by Acronis is that you don’t have to keep paying higher and higher fees for more space that you need to rent from an online backup service’s website. You also get reminders when to back up, which are usually not a part of an online backup data service.

Another problem you won’t find with Acronis computer backup software is that you can backup your entire hard drive more than once. Because of the amount of time it takes which can clog up bandwidth and shut a website down, most online data backup services will only allow a one-time entire hard drive back up.

What About Security?

One argument often cited in favor of online data backup over computer backup software is that the data is more secure, like money in a bank as opposed to under the mattress. However, data banks can be robbed by cyber criminals. They would most likely sneak malware onto a company’s website through a backdoor and then just sit back and spy on who comes by.

You have more control over who does and does not get to look at your private data – including customer data – when you use Acronis computer backup software instead of an online service. You know where all the data and backup data are as opposed to trusting that an online site has kept up with the latest cyber criminal tactics. You could then store your vital backup discs in a safe deposit box.

to learn more about this software visit the Acronis site HERE

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