Back up your PC and be sure to restore it

Windows Vista has a built in Backup program to backup your documents. However unless you own the Windows Vista Business or Ultimate edition you can NOT do a Vista complete Backup of programs and your files. I should not say you can’t but the software that comes in Windows Vista will not do that because you did not pay for it.

To do a Vista complete backup for Vista home premium and Vista basic you will need software like Acronis. This is your all in one backup software and as far as I am concerned is the best on the market for the price. They also offer a free trial so you can at least see if you like it before you buy. I already know you will.

Acronis is one of the only Vista complete backup solutions on the market. It will make an image of your entire drive. This means programs, the Vista system itself, documents, the works. You can also schedule it to do periodic backups and the program has about 15 other great features that are very easy to use.

Before you buy this software you should consider if it is really right for you. If you already have a Windows Vista restore disk and if you are already using the Windows backup software to back up your documents then you may not need this software. Think of it this way. If your hard drive crashed today you already have the Vista disk and your most current documents. All you would have to do is re-load Vista, then copy over your documents and then re-install all the software. Your custom setting would be gone but you would have all your documents. This is good for many people who are not heavy computer users and don’t really care about their installed programs or user settings.

On the other hand. If you want your computer to look the exact same after your computer crashes then Acronis is the program you want. Your computer will function the exact same, programs, settings and all if you have a Complete backup of Vista. This method is great for those who have many programs installed and already have a ton of custom settings like Outlook, favorites, network settings, printers and the like. With Acronis your data and files are secure and that is why I use it.

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