All of you Mac people can go off into a corner and snigger all you want; I’m talking to most of the rest of the world that are more than happy to use PCs. Now, PC fans, we all know that Microsoft makes some wonderful products – but security is not one of them. Also, their most recent release, Vista, has (to put it mildly) a few bugs to work out. Some older computers are having trouble handling Vista, causing the whole computer to crash.

Which Means…

If your computer crashes, or is stolen, then you haven’t just lost the computer – you’ve also lost all of your priceless data. According to a recent Harris poll, 43% of laptop users have lost valuable data to crashes, system failures or viruses. That means all of your contact information, your digital photos, your music library, your creative writing, and your bookkeeping records – all gone. This is why you need Vista backup program files.

But It Has A Wizard For This

One of the new bells and whistles hyping Vista is the Vista backup program file Wizard. This is supposed to easily and efficiently take care of your entire Vista backup program file needs…yeah, right. Come on – this is Microsoft we’re talking about. Remember the Microsoft security program, Microsoft Defender, which came with Windows XP? Wasn’t that a load of crap? No one uses that for their internet security!

For the same reasons, you shouldn’t trust Microsoft’s Vista backup program file Wizard to keep your valuable data safe and secure. Just as we PC lovers have needed to go to outside sources to be safe from cyber criminals online, so we need to use other sources for our backup needs.

However, many online backup services have not been able to figure out how to adjust their websites to Vista backup program files. In this way, you are better off with computer backup software, such as the award winning line up from Acronis. They’ve won awards, editor’s picks and rave reviews from such tough to please publications as PC Pro, Computer Shopper and Personal Computer World.

HardWireMag (HWM) put it best when they wrote, “Acronis True Image is also able to clone disk images — making a perfect copy of a currently existing disk.” And really, that’s all we ask for, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to exploring the wild and wacky new territory of Vista backup program files.

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