I have worked on computers profetionaly for over 10 years now.  It still amazes that over half of my bussiness is from people who are infected with viruses and spyware.  Listen to me!!!  Pay the 50 bucks to protect your computer.  It is worth it.  On average I charge 129 to 188 to repair and fix computers from viruses and spyware.

Here are a few more things to twist your arm into spending the money.

25% of all computers out there connected to the internet are infected with a virus of some kind.  Many of these have a bot on them.  The bot is controlled by another computer and basically your computer becomes a zombie.  What this means is your computer is an unwilling participant and can send out spam.  Your system may also download and install spyware. Even worse the software installed on your computer may be a key logger and this records every key stroke you make.  It then sends the key log to who ever controls the bot and that person now has your credit card numbers, bank account passwords, paypal or ebay info,  basically every password to every site you visit online.

Still not convinced!!!!

50% of all computer connected to the internet with a high speed internet connection like cable or dsl will have a virus in less then 11 minutes.  Thats with out having active anti-virus software.

Now for a little more info to help you out.  Having anti-virus software is not enough.  You need antivirus, spyware and a firewall.  The good news is most programs now come with all three.  They are called internet security suits. Basically any program with the name internet security suit will have what you need.  Here is a list of programs we recommend. Vista antivirus programs.

For the 50 dollars up front it’s well worth it.  Not to mention most of the mentioned software programs can be installed on up to 3 computers.  Be sure and revew the program each year so you have the latest active protection.

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