If there is one thing we all hate it’s a crap product or service.  I’ll be honest here.  I sell afiliate products online and have done so for the last few years.  Over my two year span I just see time and again crap products being pushed on people.  Anything from junk Security products to those 7 page e-books people try to sell for 50 bucks.  When was the last time you saw a real book selling for 50 dollars!!!!.

Clickbank is an affiliate market place were people can go to sell their digital products.  I have sold a few Click bank products in the past but they were actually great products.  I have never sent a reader of mine to some junk program just so I can make a buck.  The sad truth is most online marketers don’t care.  They will sell anything to anyone and recommend any product as long as there is someone to buy it.

There are many good products on Clickbank.  I don’t want to down them or say you should not buy one.  I just want to piont out that 99% of all the products are over priced and not worth it.

These guys do have one great thing going.  Any product that is sold through their market place has to have a guarantee.  It seems to be 8 weeks for most products but don’t quote me on that.  I think this is a very responsable thing for them to do and I my self have used the refund process a few times.  I would say 50% of all products I have boughten on there I have returned to get my money back.  When I go to buy a product I don’t care for all the hype.  If it contains just a few things I can learn I am happy.

Before buying any product online ensure they have some kind of guarnatee.  Be very leary of any e-book out there.  Most of these have been written by ghost writers and then a fancy sales page person was hired to write the page and hype the product.

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