Configuring your Windows Vista Firewall is not a hard thing to do.  Think of the firewall as a brick wall.  The wall blocks people and programs from getting into your computer and also blocks programs from getting out.  In many instances you will need to allow programs to gain access to the web so they can update.  Today we are going to cover how to do this.

How to set an exception for the Vista Firewall

Click the Windows start button on the bottom left and then open up the Control Panel. Under the Security diagram you will click “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”. Click on the Exceptions tab and then click Add Program.

You will now see a long list of programs installed on your computer.  Locate the program you want to allow through the Vista fire wall and  check the box next to that program then click OK.

The Windows Vista firewall really is quite impressive overall.  The XP firewall did work but not as well as the Vista one.  Most Internet Security suits such as Trend Micro and CA will have their own fire wall.  When you install these programs they often times disable the Vista firewall which is fine as long as you have a firewall enabled and running.  I do not recommend running both the Windows Vista firewall and a separate firewall as the programs will conflict and it can be harder to drill down access issues.

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