In today’s day and age with everything being online you would think their would be a service for transferring files and settings online from one computer to the next. Google had something in the works a year or so ago but that never came to lite.

We have already posted a few articles about how to transfer your own files and setting from your old computer to the new one but as of yet have been unable to find a company that will not only transfer over documents but user settings as well to your new computer. The online computer repair shop known as does transfer over all your old documents and files but not the actual user settings.

The next best thing rather then paying someone else for a file transfer service is to use software that can do it for you with only a few simple steps. the best program on the market would be Laplink Pcmover. This program transfers over all your user settings and files along with user accounts and any software and network settings you might have.

Alternatively you can use the built in Windows Easy transfer software as well but that requires a little more work then many people are willing to do.

If you know of or find an online service that transfers peoples documents and settings then please post a comment below and let others know about it.

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