I am hearing this a lot from people so I decided to write this here articles to help those who are looking for Vista Drivers.

First off you must be prepared for bad news. Not all manufacturers have working drivers with Vista . In fact many 3 rd party hardware manufacturers are not even supporting older hardware anymore and will not come out with a new driver. In our repair forum a member was asking about a CCTV and a Vista driver. While I do not recall the model I do now know after contacting some manufacturers that they have no intention of getting a new driver released to support Vista .

This does not mean all is lost. The first step in locating a driver is the manufacture. Go to their website and browse around. Most reliable manufacturers have a driver already out for Vista you just need to download it.

If they do not have a driver for your exact model but have one that is close to that model you can always give it a shot. Be sure you know how to do a system recovery in case something happens. Also when ever you are using a driver that is not made exactly for that device it may not function 100%. Some features may be lost. Improper drivers can also cause your system to become unstable and you may need to uninstall that device

Here is a great site that has links to many popular drivers. www.radarsync.com/vista/

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