Even if you do not have any signs of being infected with spyware you should still run some free scans to ensure you are not. Nothing worse then finding out after the fact that your identity or personal information has been stolen.

All the programs listed here are either 100% free or at least offer a free scan. If you ever get board try and install 3 of them and run them. Once the scan is done you can just uninstall these programs. The ones listed here work good and will at least tell you if you are infected. One thing to mention is many if not all will find cookies and say they are threats. Any cookies found don’t really matter. You can remove those for free using Ccleaner anyways so don’t but the program just becuase it says you are infected with a thousand cookies. Those will be the traces that have domain name in them like google.com or google.in and the like

Here is a great list of free trial software to download and run. This whole process can take a while so just relax and make sure you have a few hours.

StopZilla : I like this one because it actually does a great job at removing threats that are already installed. It’s not the absolute best out there but is great for removing threats if you are already infected.

Spyware Doctor: Great program. The best on the market in my opinion. However this program does a poor job of removing malware alarm and Virus Pro. It will block just about anything but if it scans and detects those two DO NOT buy this product to remove them as it will after like 5 scans but who wants to wait that long. It will find and label cookies as shigh threats but like I said you should not buy it just for that. Use CCleaner instead and remove them free. I was given this coupon just today from them. It is good till 3-31-08 so act now on it if you plan on buying it.

20% off PC Tools Spyware Doctor
20% off PC Tools Spyware Doctor Offer Expires 03/31/08

Coupon Code: pctools20
Trend Micro Internet Security: Great all round protection. This is not only spyware protection but the whole works, Virus and firewall as well. It has one the consumer choice award for the best virus, spyware and firewall protection. I do not reccomend buying it if your PC is already slow as it takes a bit of system resorces.

Absolutely Free software

Spybot Search and Destroy: This stuff is free and has something called tea timer. This will auto install as well as the anti-spyware program. It’s good stuff all round. It’s free so if it fins anything you can also remove it.

Ad-aware: I used to like this stuff a lot until it started auto loading on me. It will slow your pc down and bug you to buy it but you can still use the free scan and removal tools. If you use this the be sure and uninstall it when you are done so it won’t auto boot on you and slow your system down.

All the programs above are easy to use and install. You basically just hit enter a few times for the install and then update the software and run. Some of the scans can take an hour but it’s worth doing this once every 6 months or so just to make sure your current anto-virus software is doing it’s job.

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