If you own an HP dv9000 laptop and the wireless is not working then I have good and bad news for you.  First off the wireless card is most likely not bad.  The main cause for this is actually the mother board.  In fact HP has ofically launched a product recall on all dv9000 models for this issue.  So if your XP or Vista dv9000 wireless is not working then contact hp and they will ship you a box to send them the unit it.  The whole repair process normally takes 7-9 business days for the repair.  When you think about it that is really fast considering half that time is transit time.  I do like the fact the HP stepped up to the plate and issued a product recall.  The bad news for many out there with this issue is they have no idea the dv9000 has been recalled.  I recommend not calling HP about it.  Instead go the the hp.com website and select the contact us button on that page you will find a “chat with us” link.  Ask about the recall and they will take all the info right there in the chat log and start the recall process.  It’s a great way to go and saves an hour on the phone.  Have the unit near by so you can provide the serial and Part number to them.

Once again for the  HP dv9000 wireless not working contact HP  because the product has been recalled.  This is the model with t he AMD 64 bit processor and  it can have Vista or XP on it.

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