Keepcop is a rogue anti-spyware application distributed with the use of malicious software as well as forged security websites that try to look as genuine as possible in order to trick PC users into downloading the executable package. This fake security application is from the same family as WiniSoft and it is considered to be a clone of LinkSafeness or SecureKeeper. The only real goal of Keepcop is to trick PC users into purchasing the application.

Once installed, in order to obtain its main goal, Keepcop displays false security warnings, forged system scan results and various notifications that are designed to create an insure feeling at end user level. Once the application has displayed a significant amount of exaggerated security warnings it will ask for payment in order to fix all problems. Do not purchase this scam software. Instead, concentrate on every step required to remove Keepcop and all adjacent malware that may have been installed on the PC as part of this event.

When looking forward to a manual removal of Keepcop it is recommended to first end all related executable processes in order to be able to remove the files from disk. While using Windows Task Manager, locate and stop the process named “KeepCop.exe”. Additionally, the process “302z0spam9ot5a3.exe” and “uninstall.exe” should also be stopped as they are part of the executable files designed to insure the presence of Keepcop on an infected PC.

Once the processes have been stopped it is required to delete the respective files from disk. In order to do so, all the contents of the file structure located at “C:\Program Files\KeepCop Software” should be deleted. A complete antivirus scan using Spyware Doctor with Antivirus will insure the fact that there are no additional files or adjacent infection left.

Even if manual process required to remove Keepcop can be followed by just about any PC user it is recommended to benefit from expert technical support in order to make sure that no additional operating system damage is done. In order to remove Keepcop under expert guidance it is required to fill and submit the form located on the homepage of the website as soon as this rogue antispyware product is detected.

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