Article source: PC antispyware 2010 removal

PC Antispyware 2010 is a faek security client.  This program auto starts and scans your computer.  The scan results are bogus.  These guys are just trying to trick the user into thinking this is a legitimate product.  The whole goal is to get the user to purchase the PC 2010 AntiSpyware 2010 program.

Most users may also notice their desktop is highjacked as well.  Here is a quick break down of what this thing does.

* Bogus Scan results
* Auto Scans on Start-up
* Warning coming out of a fake shield in the system tray
* pop-ups and re-directs to the fake software’s website
* constant warnings of being infected as well as false statements of other trojans

We are not going to go anymore indepth on this because a video and great article has already been written about it.  Just check out this PC Antispyware 2010 guide.

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