This post is being made for PC Bug Doctor.

I currently do not have any downed Vista computers and am swamped for time.  I am curious if any of my fellow readers have used PC Bug Doctor.

If you have then please post a comment below so others know how well this software worked for you.

From viewing the website at you simply download and install a small program that then runs on your XP or Vista computer and it will check your PC for errors.  The total cost for one years worth of membership is 39.95.  The real kicker is if this software does not fully resolve your issues then one of their computer repair techs will remote in and fully resolve your issue.

If this program really works then IT”S A HECK OF A DEAL.  39.95 to have all your computers problems solved for an entire year.

After reading around I found out this company has been around a while so they must be doing something right.

Here is a quick break down of what they say they are offering.  Please keep in mind I have not used this program yet but plan to.  If you have used this program or plan on using the program then please post a comment below to let others know how well this software works.

Benefits of PC Bug Doctor

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Repair by an Expert is this program can not resolve your issue
  • Free Tech Support
  • Super low cost

If all of the above is indeed true then this is a great deal.  You can check them out here at

Again please post your comments below about this software.

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