PC repair online is becoming a new trend that people opt for on fixing their computers. This is due to the numerous benefits it could give you. Some of these benefits include convenience, affordability and efficiency. However, there are some issues or questions that you may be concerned about especially if you’re new into having your PC repair online.

Is PC Repair Online Secure and Safe?

Security and safety may be your number one concern with PC repair online. Well then, you can stop worrying now because online repair is definitely safe. When you are connected to a certified technician of your service provider, a 128-bit key is encrypting the connection you are having; which in the Internet world is considered to be a good thing.
This is the same connection used for other sensitive online transactions. Having a PC repair online guarantees a similar level of high security that you get when making sensitive transmissions like when you are online banking or buying from a reputable retailer.
In addition, you are also in total control with the remote session you are having. You have the power and the liberty to take control of your mouse anytime that you want. You can also end your session immediately if you want to.

How Long Does It Take?

Most repair sessions would last for 1-1½ hours. The session can also vary. It can be longer or shorter than the average. The length of the session mainly depends on the number of problems being addressed and the severity of your computer problems.

There are some cases that an onsite visit is additionally done by a technician, especially if your computer was diagnosed of having a heavy infection of spywares and viruses.

Who Does The Job?

A certified expert technician does the troubleshooting or repairs of your system. What happens usually, is when you call up an online repair company, you get to talk with one of their customer service representatives that is technically trained. The customer service representative would find out about details regarding your problem. He/She then would assign it to one of the company’s expert technicians.

Is There Continued Access?

Another concern that you may have is whether a technician can still access your computer even if the repair session is already done, even without your consent. Well, you can say goodbye to this worry, since those technicians can only have access if you allow them to. Every time a technician accesses your computer, there is a program that is installed temporarily to allow connection. Once work is finished, the session is logged off and the temporary program is entirely removed and uninstalled from your system.

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