Privacy Center is a rogue antispyware software product used to scam PC users into purchasing a virtually non-existent licensed version. Privacy Center is very similar to another application named Privacy Components, an older rogue security program designed to accomplish the same objective: stealing money and private information from infected computer systems.

In most cases, Privacy Center is installed by malware and with the use of browser exploits or various security vulnerabilities, without user consent or permission. The most usual infection scenario is accompanied by the download of a fake codec pack that has the misleading application attached to its installer. For this reason it is recommended to remove Privacy Center as once installed it will slow down the PC with fake security warnings while changing browser behavior and constantly requesting payment in order to obtain its scam based objective.

In order to remove Privacy Center it is recommended to first end its primary processes. The executable files “agent.exe”, “pc.exe”, “uninstall.exe”, “openvpn.exe” and “tapinstall.exe” must be stopped from running in order to allow proper removal of the rogue application. After these processes have been stopped it is required to delete the entire contents of the folder structure located at “c:\Program Files\Privacy center”, depending on the drive letter according to the operating system setup.

Even if key elements have been deleted, the complete removal of Privacy Center can proof to be problematic, especially if the PC is infected with other forms of malware that have served as a beachhead for the rogue security product to be installed. For this reason it would be wise to first scan the entire computer with the help of a genuine antivirus such as Spyware Doctor with Antivirus in order to make sure that Privacy Center will not be installed again.

While Privacy Center removal is a task that should be not taken lightly, the expert support of a seasoned technician could be all that is required in order to save time and money over the long run.  In case you have not been on our site before we do recommend this computer repair company.  The name is and they do very good work.

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