Norton Smartphone Security

You knew it had to be coming. As of today Norton has developed a Smart phone Security Suit to protect all Smart phones from viruses, worms and hackers. All I can say is it’s about time!!!!!

I’m sure you have started to hear about people getting their personal pictures and files stolen right off their phone from someone hundreds of miles away. Our that person at your office who’s phone caught a virus and they lost all their contact information.

Well The Norton Smart Phone Security suit will now stop all those Denial of service attacks and keep all your data secure. Here is a simple run down of this nice piece of software.

Security technologies include:

  • Antiviru
  • Firewall
  • SMS Antispam
  • Minimizes SMS spam – Blocks short text and multimedia messages from unknown senders.
  • Blocks snoopware from turning on your camera – Prevents intruders from entering and exporting data from the mobile phone.
  • Protects against viruses and other threats – Prevents malicious threats from entering your smartphone and compromising your privacy.
  • SMS antispam protection: Short messages (text and multimedia) from unknown senders are blocked.
  • Advanced protection: Award-winning Norton AntiVirus™ technologies automatically scan, detect, and quarantine harmful viruses, worms, and mobile spyware in individual files, file archives, and applications.
  • Real-time protection: Enhanced firewall blocks hackers, intrusions, and denial-of-service attacks.
  • The Symbian® and the Microsoft® Windows Mobile® platforms are supported.
  • Easy-to-use interface: You can easily manage and schedule antivirus scans and protection updates*, set the firewall protection level, and manage which files are encrypted.
More Information System Requirments

Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 and 6.0
Installation footprint:

  • 1.8MB (Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone or 6.0 Standard)
  • 1.7MB (Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC or 6.0 Professional)

Symbian® OS 9 (Series 60 Version 3, UIQ 3.0)
Installation footprint: 1.5MB

Example Supported Devices:
(list does not include all devices supported by Norton Smartphone Security. Norton Smartphone Security supports any smartphone with Symbian 9 or Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 )

Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional

  • HTC Touch

Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard

  • Samsung Blackjack II
  • Motorola Q q9

Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC

  • Palm Treo 750

Windows Mobile Smartphone 5.0

  • Samsung i320
  • Motorola Q
  • i-mate SPL
  • Samsung SGH-i607 (Blackjack)

Symbian OS – all Symbian OS 9.x devices

  • Nokia E50
  • Nokia E61
  • Nokia E90
  • Nokia E91
  • Nokia N93
  • Sony Ericsson P990

In a nut shell if you have a phone that has a windows operating system on it or Symbian OS then this software is for you. The really nice thing is the software piece does not affect the overall performance of your phone and even if you do notice a difference it is well worth the trade.

Norton Smartphone Security – Safeguards your privacy against mobile threats. Click Here

We wrote another quick guide about spyware on Viruses that you might find useful if you want more information go to our Cell Phone Spyware Page.
It would be nice to hear from anyone who has been victomized from spyware and viruses.
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