Because there is such a serious probability of something going wrong with your computer at some point in time, it is really imperative that you take the proper precautions beforehand. This means having your computer fully backed up, so that in case it ever crashes you will still be able to retrieve all your important files.

PC Backup Software

For this purpose, there are a few different pieces of PC backup software that are available. One of the bestselling pieces of software here is the Acronis. This is a top notch piece of software, one that makes it easy to backup your computer, even if you are a beginner.

This is a heavy duty backup and restore program that performs almost any file storage and rescue task that you can imagine.

Another very popular choice for PC backup software is Second Copy 7. This is a very simple and elegant backup program. Whether you are a novice to the world of computers or technology-savvy you will enjoy this software, and it is one of the most favored pieces of PC backup software available on the market today. The downside is the current version does not do a full image backup so if your hard drive crashes you would still need to re-install all your programs.

There is also the Memeo AutoBackup Premium, which is one of the newest and most technologically advanced pieces of backup software today. The general idea of the program is nice and the simplicity of it makes it easy for anyone to use.

It does dedicate large parts of its interface to persuading you to buy other products and services however which is rather annoying but besides this, it is easy to see why this choice is so favorable for PC backup software worldwide. I don’t like it just because of the additional advertising but all in all the software portion works great.


There are a few helpful tips that can help make the process of PC backup as easy for you as possible. For one, you should make a list in descending order starting from which files on your computer you consider as being most important.

Another thing to keep in mind is that by default, most of your applications will dump any files that you create into your My Documents folder, which separates all files for easy copying, however in the case of a computer crash it is not that helpful because it resides in the Windows boot partition which is the most vulnerable place on your hard drive.

To solve this problem you should create a new partition for your data, and this will be advantageous because it will ensure that you avoid overwriting the files when you reinstall Windows. The other work around is to purchase an external hard drive as well. External drives are very cheap now a days and another benefit is you can take your files with you any were you go.

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