If you just bought a new computer chances are it’s windows Vista. The issue now is how to transfer all you files from the older XP computer over to the new Vista system. We will cover 4 different methods in this article. We will not explain how to use each one in-depth only bring to light four different ways to get the job done.

The first method to transfer over your data is by using the free Windows Easy Transfer. With the data transfer method you can copy all your documents and user settings over to your new pc. Programs do not transfer over but all the settings and user data does. Most people find it easy to use when they get a USB easy transfer cable. Those do cost around 30 bucks so some people just stick with a disc by disc transfer or by using a network or USB hard drive.  If your going to purchase the coard you might as well purchase software because they all come with a USB transfer cable or a crossover cable.

Laplink PC mover is next up. I use this program all the time to transfer customers data over to new PC’s. It is the only one I know of that also copies programs. Keep in mind that not all your XP programs may be compatible with Vista. If you are unsure then don’t copy the program over. Just try to install it fresh and see if it works. Laplink PC cost’s around 50 bucks and you get the USB data transfer cable with it. This method is preferred by me because it just saves time and is very simple to use.

Next up is CA’s Data transfer program called DNA Migrator. This program comes with a cross over cable. It looks just like a regular network cable but inside the wires have been switched around so two computers can talk and transfer files over with ease. Again this software is very easy to use and cost the same as Laplink. The downside is you can not transfer over programs. The install is fairly easy but I have seen some customers have trouble using it because they did not disable their firewalls.

Migo software is the fourth method. I have used this several times and the newest version has some much need improvements. I had some issues on the last version and did not like the customer support I really do not use it. Overall Migo has a great interface and their software does include the crossover cable as well. The overall feel of this program is a little better then CA DNA migrator but not as apt as Laplink PC mover.

I did contact the manufacturers and got some coupons that are good till mid or late February of 2008. Use these coupons when checking out.

Laplink.com use coupon CJPH7Q when checking out for $15 dollars off.  That’s like a third off!

ca.com  Use coupon code CADNA20 to get 20% off the price

Migo has a 10% off code but I do not know when it expires.  That code is CJXP10

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