Vista registy cleaning software

Error Nuker has been around for a many years now.  In a nut shell it is a registry cleaning program.  Your registry is like the library of your computer.  When it gets errors you start getting blue screens and just kind of weird issues overall.  Your computer also slows down a bit when your registry gets garbled.  Error Nuker is more preventive maintenance then anything else.  Will it actually solve your blue screen issues?  Not really to be a 100% honest.  If the blue screen is related to your registry then yes it will but more often then not it hardware or other software installed on your computer that caused the blue screen.

Like I said Error Nuker is more for preventive maintenance.  It should be run once a month to ensure you have no invalid or corrput entries.  This program overall is very easy to use.  You install and then for the most part just open the program and hit run.  You do not need to be technical to use it.

I always like try it before you buy it software.  They offer a free scan so you can at least see how bad your registry is.  If you have only a few errors then it’s not imperative you need to buy it.  Once again this is more of a preventive maintenace program.  It’s great for keeping your pc running at 100%.  Try the free scan and see if it’s for you.  If it is not or you just don’t like the feel of the program then don’t buy it.  They do have a money back guarantee so regardless you have nothing to loose.

If your having ton’s of issues already on your computer this program may help out but most likely it will not solve the issue unless it is registry related

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