For all of those people waiting for Windows 7 we have great news Microsoft and several other selected retailers are going to be selling Windows 7 Upgrade versions for helf price.

As always there is a catch.  You only have a few days to purchase this in and you have to pre order it. is were you can get the details.  So far they have promised half off for the regular Windows 7 and the pro upgrade.

People who purchase a computer after June 27 should be eligable for a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out.

Take a little caution.

We have been betaing Windows 7 for a while now and do feel it’s a great OS.   It can stil be hard to find drivers for it for even new devices and older equipment may not have any new drivers made.  Personally we will not put this on any of our work computers for several months afer the release to ensure all the major bugs are worked out.

As well, those who have many old XP aplications that only work in XP you will want to consider purchasing the Pro version of Windows 7 because they have added support for old programs that will only run on that OS or later.

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