You all have heard the rumors and it’s true.  Windows Vista SP1 is scheduled to come out later this quarter (Q1 2008).  Overall SP1 does not appear to change much in the way of the user interface.  The search link is gone from the main start menu but other then that it looks the same.  On the back end of things it  looks like my PC is overall faster.  The time it takes to login has dropped by a second or so. With Windows Vista service pack one you also get a few more options then before.  For example you can now choose what volumes you want to defrag.  For enterprise an ultimate users the BitLocker Control Panel now allows you to encyrypt mulltiple drives.  Not just he one the OS is installed on.

For the average user out there I would say do NOT go out and download the beta SP1 for Windows Vista.  You should wait until the finished release is done.  If you have windows vista updates on it will come down automaticly so do not even worry about it.

All in all Ithink Windows Vista SP1 will be a good thing.  From what I am hearing you will get overall better performance out of vista.

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